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Fort Southwest Point needs Volunteers

Fort Southwest Point Fundraiser

 We the Staff at Fort Southwest Point invite and encourage your participation and sponsorship toward the construction of a new building addition to the fort.  We have initiated this endeavor in hopes of reinvigorating public interest so that the fort may continue to grow and help promote a greater educational experience.  A “log sponsorship” of $55.00 covers the cost of a 16’x 8”x 8” size log.  In addition to the number of logs needed, all proceeds in excess of their purchase price will be applied toward the total construction costs.  These would include concrete footers, blocks, flooring and roofing lumber, cedar shingles, nails, etc.  We hope to offset labor costs by imploring the volunteer spirit and generosity of those with building experience to help with a donation of their time and expertise.  If you would like to help in our project either with funds, materials or labor, please contact us at Fort Southwest Point, 1226 South Kentucky Street, Kingston, Tennessee 37763 or call 865-376-3641.  Rick Ross, Director of Parks and Recreation can be reached at 865-376-9476.  In recognition of all our supporters, a special plaque will be installed onsite recognizing your generous support for a “work in progress.”

“Keeping History Alive”